Embody Arts


Relaxation Massage

Perfect for those wishing to relax, unwind and escape from the stresses of daily life. Relaxation or Swedish massage is a smooth flowing treatment that encourages circulation, relieves tension, soothes the nervous system and calms the mind. Experience pure bliss with essential oils to enhance your sensory experience, and a nice long scalp massage to finish the treatment. Recharge and rejuvenate.

Remedial Massage

If you are seeking a deeper massage that focuses on problem areas, then Remedial Massage is your treatment of choice. We use a variety of techniques designed to ease muscular pain and discomfort, tone and relax muscles and connective tissue to improve joint mobility and address postural imbalances which may lead to pain and impaired function. These techniques include deep tissue, trigger point and myofascial release. Experience an effective, yet relaxing treatment.

Muscular and skeletal dysfunctions often addressed with remedial massage include muscle tightness and pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, repetitive strain injury, neck and back pain, scoliosis, headaches and sports injuries.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a light technique designed to stimulate the circulation of lymph to speed up the removal of wastes from all over the body. The lymphatic system is one of the main elimination channels in your body and a major route for the absorption of nutrients from digestion into the tissues. It is your body’s metabolic waste-disposal system, and a major player in immunity.

An extremely relaxing treatment, lymphatic drainage works to calm the nervous system, stimulate the immune system and increases the flow and volume of lymph fluid. It is great for stress, fluid retention, cellulite, detoxification, chronic fatigue, sinus, as well as any swelling from injury, arthritis or lymphoedema.

Pregnancy Massage

Soothe those aches and pains away and take time out to connect with your baby. We can specifically tailor a treatment to suit your needs, from helping with lower back pain, swollen ankles and sore feet to easing stress and anxiety. The body is supported and comfortable at all times.

We are registered with all major health funds for Remedial Massage. Please check your eligibility and rebates with your health insurance provider.